Who is PayGlobe

Following a careful market analysis and considering PSD2’s regulatory impact in the payments sector, PayGlobe was born with the mission of becoming a single point of contact for its customers, representing the reference partner to activate a multichannel payment gateway.

PayGlobe, created by a Content Interface rib (www.contentinterface.it) and by the interest of Owl Company, the Holding of TAS Group (www.tasgroup.eu), which, intent on completing the offer of its subsidiary, has decided to enrich its portfolio with a full service line that will ensure merchants and banks the most modern, secure and simple payment management solution.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Paytipper Payment Institution, PayGlobe is able to approach its benchmark market with an end to end offer starting from the selection of the POS terminal through the integration of cashier systems, loyalty and CRM, financial flow management, and integration with one or more national and international acquirers.

The solution

In particular, focusing on the Corporate sector, convinced that synergies with market leaders are the driving force for a successful business, PayGlobe has consolidated strategic partnerships with some vendor of POS terminals, with companies specializing in connectivity and with several acquirers.

In particular, the value proposition of PayGlobe is the possibility for merchants to entrust to a unique technology platform the management of all their terminals in the EU area through a centralization and management of payments and financial flows.

PayGlobe is not only a provider of technology but represents also a partner that can give an inclusive offer to the best payment conditions.


Luxury,Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Fashion, Telco, Insurance, Transports, GDO, Turismo, Sanità, PA, Energy & Utilities, Immobiliare, Gaming & Entertainment.